We are closed until further notice following a move out of Kansas.  


Pagano Wellness Clinic


Therapy Hours:

Not accepting new patients

Phone: 785.422.7792


Email: ThePWC@PaganoWellnessClinic.com


*not accepting new patients.  


For records please call or e-mail Jenna Pagano


For other therapists in your area please visit Psychology Today or visit your insurance webpage and click on "find a doctor".  


Pagano Wellness Clinic was an outpaitent therapy clinic operated by Jenna Pagano, MS, LCMFT while her husband was stationed at Fort Riley in Manhattan, Kansas.  Pagano moved to Richmond, Virginia in the Spring of 2018, and is not accepting new patients.  Records may be requested by calling or e-mailing using contact information to the right.  


Any letters needed to reflect current psychological state must be obtained through a current therapist or medical doctor.