As a relationship specialist and business owner Jenna Pagano, LMFT is aware that empoyee and work relationships deserve detailed care and attention.  She evaluate the needs of your business and meet you where you are at.  Jenna offers coaching on employee relations, improving sales, teaching staff how to communicate with patients/clients/customers, and organizational structure.    


Specialized areas include dental practice, where Jenna and her spouse use "feelings and fillings" to help your complex team work together to provide excellent care to your patients.  We nurture the confidence of your staff to help patients commit to their treatment plan.    


Jenna also helps therapists starting group practices, or expanding their group practices to identify needs prior to them becoming emergencies.  Issues around hiring, expanding, and structure as well as marketing, insurance, and workflow can be addressed in your coaching sessions.  Each coaching plan is tailored to you and your needs, and we can you help you identify what those needs are.